Pillar 3

innovation, consulting
and transformation

Innovation, Consulting and Dissemination, which scales up and disseminates CREN’s methodology, tested and validated in accordance with the previous pillars, both nationally and internationally.

So far, CREN has conducted projects and consulting services in 18 countries, as well as in several regions of Brazil. One of the most relevant consulting services has been the transfer of methodology for the implementation of a Nutritional Recovery Center in Maceió. This pillar reflects CREN’s innovative character and readiness to adapt to and meet the needs of each territory and the people living there.

Disseminating means leaving the methodology as a legacy in those areas and making the professionals and managers involved co-responsible for the care of children and young people in their territories.

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PUBLICATION Nov. 16, 2023

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Café da manhã com os associados do CREN

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Pillar 1

integration of education,
research and public policy

Pillar 2

nutritional health
and wellness care

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