CREN is a non-profit institution that relies on people’s commitment to sustain itself and expand its services. Here’s how you can help:

Direct Donations

By making a donation, you become a Guardian of Health, and together we’ll help transform lives! After all, educating, caring, and nurturing for life is what drives CREN!

Nota Fiscal Paulista (São Paulo state tax invoice)

CREN is one of the institutions benefiting from the redemption of credits on São Paulo State tax invoices. Now consumers themselves can donate their coupons (receipts) to CREN, either through the mobile app, the Program’s website, or by signing up for automatic donations. Thus, every invoice with your CPF on it generates credits for CREN.


CREN is looking for people who like to help others and who believe that a simple gesture can change the world. Gestures include simple, and sometimes one-time, tasks that will help thousands of children and adolescents fight malnutrition.

Charity Birthday

You can celebrate your birthday in a charitable way. Just ask your friends and family to make a donation to CREN as a birthday gift to you! To participate, just contact us at and we will prepare your “Charity Birthday” campaign. By doing so, you contribute to the recovery of the health of children and adolescents who currently suffer from malnutrition.

Other projects that impact us

Arredondar (Round up)

CREN is one of the institutions selected by Movimento Arredondar to receive donations made at Pão de Açúcar, Compre Bem, Mercado Extra, Mini Extra, Quitanda, St Marché stores and at Hotel Fasano. With each purchase, customers can round up the total amount, and the difference is donated to CREN.

O Polen

You can help while shopping online, without spending anything extra. CREN has a partnership with O Polen, an app that redirects part of the marketing budget of online stores to NGOs. Your purchases at Empório Quatro Estrelas, Organizar com Elas, Boa Lanterna, and Kora Swim Comércio de Modas Ltda contribute funds to CREN.

Our supporters and partners


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