CREN receives innovative solutions at McKinsey Forum - CREN
The Centre for Nutritional Recovery and Education (CREN) is an international reference in the area of nutritional education and treatment of primary nutritional disorders (undernutrition and obesity).
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CREN receives innovative solutions at McKinsey Forum


30 set CREN receives innovative solutions at McKinsey Forum

Four McKinsey Impact Experience finalists presented innovative and affordable solutions to the sustainability challenges of CREN. The papers were evaluated at the McKinsey 2017 Forum. It was the last stage of the action that brought together young people from all over the country to analyze and propose initiatives in the fight against malnutrition, with CREN as the case study.

Impact Experience is a program to attract talent to the company and encourage internal entrepreneurship. During the process, consultants supervised the work of 144 graduate students to build a Brazilian scenario of malnutrition and design opportunities for CREN. In a subsequent phase, the 36 best-performing undergraduates were selected for face-to-face activities.

McKinsey Forum

Top 12 nominees/candidates presented their solutions to an executive bank during the Forum. Prior to the evaluations, CREN CEO Ricardo Catto presented the entity and highlighted the financial bottleneck faced by the NGO. “We have the challenge of continuing this work without continuing to depend on the City Hall of São Paulo. That’s why it helps a lot to have CREN as a case study.” Currently, more than 70% of CREN’s budget comes from agreements with government.

The McKinsey Impact Experience 2017 jury was: Cristiana Pipponz (member of the Board of DrogaRaia), José Antonio Fay (former CEO of BRF), Maíra Habimorad (CEO of Talent Company), Nicola Calicchio (president of McKinsey for America Latina), as well as Gisela Solymos and Ricardo Catto (members of the board of CREN).

The examiners praised the sophistication and competence of all the works. The winning students were: Lívia Henriquez, Lucas Costa Machado, Mariana Zarth and Vinicius Buzacarini.

McKinsey Latin American President Nicola Calicchio spoke about the importance of CREN’s mission. “We thank CREN very much for allowing us to participate in this beautiful journey. And in acknowledging this work, McKinsey will make a donation [of financial resources] to CREN.