CREN's manager in the Economic Forum in Latin America
The Centre for Nutritional Recovery and Education (CREN) is an international reference in the area of nutritional education and treatment of primary nutritional disorders (undernutrition and obesity).
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CREN’s manager in the Economic Forum in Latin America

Economic Forum

05 abr CREN’s manager in the Economic Forum in Latin America

The head-supervisor of CREN, Gisela Solymos, was one of the expositors in the World Economic Forum about Latin America, held from April 5th to 7th in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As a partner of Schwab Foundation, she shared in the Economic Forum her life story as a social entrepreneur behind the well-succeeded experience in CREN. The institution has offered help to 3.5 million people through the treatment of malnourished children and adolescents, the recuperation of families’ life quality and professional training.

Overcoming malnutrition

According to Gisela Solymos, the first large step for CREN to become a player in reversing poverty and malnourishment was the “organization and communication of stored knowledge” throughout years of research and methodology development.

The direct result was the release of a book collection and the web portal “Overcoming Malnutrition“, with contents about the acting method of CREN and guidelines for treatment and prevention. It proved itself so successful that so far there has been over 50,000 reprints, with translations to Spanish and French, and 3 million leaflets distributed in Brazil. As an acknowledgment, Unicef recognized CREN as a National Reference for the Treatment and Prevention of Malnourishment in Childhood.

Economic Forum

The participants in the World Economic Forum about Latin America will explore the challenges, the risks and the future opportunities for the region. The Latin American economies are adapting their financial and fiscal strategies facing the local slower growth and the economic circumstances. During the Forum, political, economic and social themes were discussed, including transparency, adaptation and long-term stability, as well as the required conditions to improve market trust and business environment. The conference will put together world and local business leaders, the government and the civil society  to share strategic ideas about how to deal with challenges and contribute to shape the future of Latin America .