CREN celebrates National Volunteer Day with Food Truck - CREN
The Centre for Nutritional Recovery and Education (CREN) is an international reference in the area of nutritional education and treatment of primary nutritional disorders (undernutrition and obesity).
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CREN celebrates National Volunteer Day with Food Truck

15 ago CREN celebrates National Volunteer Day with Food Truck

In celebration of National Volunteer Day, we invited our volunteers of the Nota Fiscal Paulista Programme to celebrate together on 14th August. The event also gave them a chance to get to know the children at our Vila Mariana centre.

In partnership with SAP, CREN hosted the food truck “La Peruana “ where both volunteers and children from the centre enjoyed the delights of Peruvian cuisine.

National Volunteer Day

For volunteer Mayra Akimi Suiama, the event gave her a chance to strengthen relations with the institution: “Participating in the event was an opportunity to experience and see more closely CREN’s work which motivated me to continue helping even more. It confirmed the fact that it is worth spending part of my time to be a volunteer. It is very gratifying that I can contribute and be part of this project.”

Renato Campos highlighted the commitment and dedication of everyone involved in the Food Truck Day: “With this amount of willing people there could not have been any other result: joy in the faces of all the children eating and learning about Peruvian food. More than just nourishing bodies, you [CREN] nourish bonds.”

Established in 1985 by Law No. 7352, the National Volunteer Day seeks to recognise and highlight the work of people who donate time, labor and talent, voluntarily, for reasons of social interest and for the good of the community.

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