New children to the day-hospital in adaptation week - CREN
The Centre for Nutritional Recovery and Education (CREN) is an international reference in the area of nutritional education and treatment of primary nutritional disorders (undernutrition and obesity).
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New children to the day-hospital in adaptation week


15 fev New children to the day-hospital in adaptation week

Between 4thand 13th February, CREN Vila Mariana held their adjustment period for the new children to be treated at our day-hospital. During this week, various integration activities occurred with both children and their families.


The purpose of this adaptation week is to show parents CREN’s routine, for them to get to know the day-hospital’s staff, and see the activities that are offered and the proposed treatment.

According to Anna Castanho, pedagogical coordinator of Vila Mariana centre, the week went well and the children adapted much better than first thought! “The goal of this phase is to ensure that during the year the families are well informed of everything that will happen during treatment.”